April 4th: International Day of Stray Animals

In recent years, the 4th of April has come to be known as the International Day of Street Animals and is dedicated to stray animals around the world.
It is a known fact that stray animals are actually owned animals that have been abandoned. Wherever such animals exist is an indication that nothing consistent, efficient, and responsible has been done.
Stray animals in Romania alone have become more and more numerous as the country’s program to kill them has expanded; however, the Romanian authorities do not yield and do not change their approach. Moreover, stray animals have turned into a big business that those in charge have no interest giving up. The suffering and death of tens of thousands of animals every year, the discontentment of the society, who calls for a program to reduce the numbers of stray animals, the efforts of organizations and private individuals to rescue from the street or from public shelters (true extermination camps) that are funded (whether we agree or not) by all of us, the NGOs’ efforts to carry out spay & neuter campaigns in an attempt to offset the havoc played and maintained by the Town Halls have not led the authorities to develop an effective (and humane) program, either because they refuse to listen to the experts, or because they simply cannot renounce the business.
April 4th is the day in which we should become aware of the existence of stray animals and of their daily suffering and ill-treatment as a result of our irresponsibility. The only way to stop their ordeal is spaying & neutering all owned animals – and thus help prevent any further abandonment of unwanted animals –, or a proper management of their offspring. Therefore: responsibility, ethics, compassion – those qualities that make us civilized humans.


We are also encouraging people to support stray animals by providing them with food, water, care, and protection, and wherever possible, take them off the street or out of the shelters, thus saving a life for good.






National Federation for Animal Protection (FNPA)

Organization EDUXANIMA