ActieZwerfhonden ontvangt veel hulp vragen maar we hebben moeite genoeg om geld in te zamelen voor onze eigen projecten in Turkije.

Soms komt er echter een hulpvraag van een geweldig initiatief waarvan wij echt vinden dat het gesteund moet worden.

De vraag om hulp van een Engelse organisatie die actief is op Borneo was er zo één en dus hebben wij, na de nodige informatie ingewonnen te hebben, €500,- gedoneerd aan dit geweldige project.

My name is Nicky Stevens and I run a charity called International Aid for the Protection and Welfare of Animals, based in the UK. We have a project based in Borneo where we replaced the previous methods of population control with our humane programme, involving a TNR project and providing veterinary care to many stray dogs who would otherwise be left to suffer. We have helped thousands of dogs since as started and last year we were also successful in changing legislation to prohibit the human consumption of dog/cat meat, ban animal fighting and increase penalties for animal cruelty. Last year, despite being such a small team, we were awarded ‘Charity of the Year’ in the UK. We are currently seeking other organisations who may want to work with us. We have managed to get our costs down to £10 per dog for neutering and so we are hoping to find charities that are interested in adding another project to what they do and who may want to support, for example, 50 dogs being neutered, at a cost of £500. For his we not only provide acknowledgement on our facebook page but we also provide a receipt and images/a write up of what we do for the other charity so as they can add supporting work in Borneo to their project list. In turn, this would make a big difference to us as not only would more people get behind the work that’s being done but we love working with other charities so as together we can create change. If you’re interested let me know and I’ll send you some information. Our website is Kind regards Nicky Founder IAPWA